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GRT Jigs

The concept of the GRT Jig was to design a jig that can do it all. 
It's a multi-functional jig that takes the place of several jigs: 
A jig that could rip through the 
pitch up in the 
or flip in heavy 


  • One of a kind head design: Unique design allows this jig to do it all. Precision angles and cuts give this jig its features that make it unstoppable. It’s a combination jig that can be used thru the grass, in the rocks, and where any timber is.
  • Precise Angle of the Weedguard: The precise angle of the weedguard enables this jig to be ultra weedless and to not get in the way of hook sets.
  • Mustad Ultra Point Hook: 30 degree Ultra Point Super Sharp 4/0 hook. This heavy duty wire hook combined with the 30 degree angle increases the hook up ratio.
  • Straight Eye: Straight eye that was designed to blend in with the head design to add in the ease of dragging this jig across and thru the cover.
Fish with this jig one time and it will make a believer out of you!
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